Brianna Lee Foundation

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Brianna Lee's Story

In the spring of 2012, we lost a beautiful little granddaughter, at 37 weeks gestational. As much as Brian was personally hurting, he had the insight to give Jessica a stuffed teddy bear so that she didn't leave the hospital empty handed. Not only did this silly little bear give Jessica something to hold on to as she left the hospital, it was there for her to hold and hug as she tries to heal.

Our foundation is going to provide a teddy bear to any mom that is faced with leaving a hospital maternity floor empty handed. Although this bear will never replace the baby, it will give the mom something to hug hold and carry out of the hospital. Through the healing process the bear will continue to be there to hug, love, hold and cry with.

Our Vision and Hope

The Vision and hope of the Brianna Lee Foundation is to have teddy bears in every hospital in the United States. We want to be able to let each and every mom, that is faced with leaving a hospital maternity ward empty handed, knows that we are praying and thinking of her. That others are there to support her.

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